Nypmhs I Use

  1. Hares Ear

  2. Sow Bug

  3. Zebra Midge

  4. Brassie

  5. WD40

  6. San Juan Worm

  7. Zug Bug

  8. Caddis Emerger

  9. Copper John

  10. Scud

  11. Blue Winged Olive

  12. Pheasant Tail

Insect Profiles

Scuds: These are fresh water shrimp and are found in most waters, be it a lake or be it a river. On a lake you'll find these down on the bottom clinging to growth or rocks so make sure to go deep. On a river same thing, fish it on the bottom or close to the bottom. Color is a big factor when fishing scuds, they range from pink to green to gray so find out what color is most prominent in your area and go with that. Scuds can be fished effectively year round.

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