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Crystal Lake Specifics

  • Trailhead Name: Crystal Lake TrailHead or Wall Lake Trailhead
  • Trailhead Location: about 20 miles up the canyon from Kamas
  • Trailhead Elevation: about 10,140ft
  • Hiking Season: Mid Summer to Mid Fall
  • From Trailhead to:
    • Crytsal Lake: 700ft
    • Washington Lake: 800ft
    • Wall Lake: 1 mile
    • Long Lake: 1.5 miles
    • Island Lake: 2.8 miles
  • Hike Time to Reach:
    • Crytsal Lake: 3 minutes
    • Washington Lake: 4 minutes
    • Wall Lake: 25-30 minutes
    • Long Lake: 45 minutes to an hour
    • Island Lake: 1.5-2.5 hours
  • Map: Kamas to Crystal
  • Map: Turn off to Crystal
Family on the trail to Wall Lake
My old man fishing Crystal
Sun reflecting off Crystal Lake
My brother in front of a gorgeous view along the way to Wall Lake


Crystal Lake might be one of my overall favorite places in Utah. Itís located in the Uinta National Forest which is just east of Kamas. The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is abundant. However it is a pretty popular get away and the area can become very crowded.

Crystal Lake is surrounded by quite a few more popular lakes such as Trial Lake and Washington Lake. These larger lakes have actual campsites and a few RV hookups and things such as that while Crystal Lake is just a lake in the wilderness and if youíd like to camp there youíll have to scout out a place to sleep. The hiking opportunities are plentiful and of the hikes Iíve been on in this area none are overly strenuous.


    The hike to Wall Lake is rather short and although it does have a few ascents and descents the trail is rather easy. This hike is definitely suitable for people of all ages. And if you're interested, there are some excellent cliffs along one side of the lake that are suberp for cliff jumping. (remember though, the water is going to be COLD)


    The hike to Long Lake is slightly more difficult, mostly because you have to make your way up over a pass to get into the adjacent valley. Again, this hike is suitable for all ages. At the lake there's a pretty stinky little mud hole which is actually pretty cool because about 2,000,000 little frogs live in it.

Joel's homemade canoe
Cliff jumping at Wall Lake
Moose in a Uinta meadow
Glistening pine along the banks of Crystal
Sunset on Crystal Lake
Uinta chipmunk
Getting ready to cliff jump as Wall
Joel out on Crystal Lake
Some stud showing off at Wall Lake