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Map of the places I've been in Utah Map of the places I've been (not in Utah)
Four wheeling up the canyon
Fall along the trail
The fall colors in Utah
Beginning the hike up the canyon
Joel and Heather
Fall leaves changing colors


East Canyon is probably not a hiking destination but the family has a time share on a condo up there and we do spend a bit of time wandering the wilderness, thus the inclusion of East Canyon in the hiking menu.

East Canyon is just east of Layton but you have to go around the mountains via Ogden or up over the mountains on Highway 65. Itís not much to look at when you first arrive; cluttered with sagebrush and scrub oak, but once you make it into the mountains a bit the scenery becomes rather stunning. Just be careful where you wonder because almost all the property in the area is private so youíll have to have permission before you go traipsing around.

I donít know if there is even a name for any of the hikes weíve done in this area but I do know that there is plenty of wildlife to see. I think Iíve seen more moose in this area of Utah than I have in any other place. Youíll also find quite a few sage grouse, deer, and other birds. Because of the abundance of wildlife I always make sure I take a camera with me anytime I venture into these woods.

Leaves along the trail
My nephew Parker getting ready to ride
Riding up a hill in the canyon
Hike at sunset
Stop along the trail
Nephew Parker playing tennis
Aubs and Park riding the uncle
Mini Golf up East Canyon
Shuffleboard East Canyon
Aubs and Heather playing with a stray kitten