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Timpanogos Specifics

  • Peak Elevation: 11,750ft
  • Distance: 14 miles roundtrip (from Aspen Grove)
  • Elevation at Emerald Lake: 10,340ft
  • Aspen Grove Trailhead Elevation: 6,910ft
  • Hike Time: Roughly 8 hours
  • Hiking Season: June to October
July hiking group with Heber valley behind


Iíve hiked Timp 3 times in the past two years and each time it was a different experience. Before I go through each trip individually, let me tell you some general hiking info that might help with this hike.
  1. No matter how good of a hiker you are, or how physically prepared everyone in your party feels, someone is going to get a blister so take mole skin or something to be ready to treat it.
  2. The hike is steep in some places, thereís a pretty good elevation gain in a pretty short distance. Donít overexert yourself. Be patient and climb at a pace that fits your condition.
  3. Take enough water to stay hydrated. I prefer to take a water filter so I donít have to carry as much on the hike up, then when I get to Emerald Lake I can refill my supply.
  4. Take at least one long sleeve article of clothing. No matter what time of year Iíve hiked there has always been a stretch where it gets rather chilly.
May 2003

Three of us decided to take our first ever venture up Timp. We started at about 8:00am and headed out from Aspen Grove. All three of us were in good shape and we had decided to try and complete the hike in 6 hours or less (a somewhat daunting feat). The hike was long and cold, there was snow on the ground but we pressed on anyway. We reached Emerald Lake after about 2.5 hours and were told the rest of the trail was too dangerous and we should call it a day but we decided we were there and we were going to reach the top. Luckily none of us were injured as we climbed the last couple miles to the top in 32 degree weather with about 45 mph winds blowing into us. But we made it and got back off the mountain within two hours. It was a very strenuous hike and a very cold hike but it was a good experience.

July 2004

This trip took a considerably longer amount of time to hike. I had gathered some friends and decided to take them to the top of Timp. I felt all were in good shape except one who really had a hard time with the hike. She was a little out of shape and struggled with the elevation and also didnít take in enough fluids and got a little sick. It took us 6 hours to reach the top and another 3 to get back down. This hike was much nicer than the previous. The weather was perfect and the wildflowers were in full bloom. It was a gorgeous hike, one of the prettiest Iíve ever been on.

October 2004

My brother-in-law asked me to guide his scout troop up the mountain to help them with some sort of rank advancement. There were about 20 people total who took this trip with us. Most of the scouts (12-14) were in good enough shape that the hike didnít really phase them but there were a couple who really struggled and who we literally pushed up the mountain. We didnít make it to the summit but we did reach Emerald Lake. A couple of the other leaders really struggled getting enough oxygen at the elevation but overall no one was hurt so I guess it was a successful trip. The scenery was very barren and the weather was cooler but not yet cold.
Greenery and flowers
One of many waterfalls just off the trail
Me and my bro
The wildflowers along the trail
Top of Timp overlooking Utah Valley
A shot from behind the waterfall
The beauty of nature
Mountain goat by Emerald Lake
Sunset on the Wasatch