Fairview Canyon

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Fairview Canyon: These mountains are located in central Utah, just east of Ephraim and just west/southwest of Price. Since my grandparents live down in the area our family has spent a decent amount of time in this canyon. Im a huge fan of the scenery and Id love to some day be able to own my own cabin in this beautiful area.


  • Camping: I grew up camping in these mountains and so I suppose a big part of my love for them is nostalgic. However, past experience aside this is a great place to get away. The area is covered in pines and aspens and the wildlife is pretty abundant. It can get pretty chilly at night and in the fall/winter but I'm not sure there's many places I'd rather spend a weekend.

  • Fishing: Huntington River is supposedly one of the better rivers to fish in state. This area also offers some excellent fishing at Electric Lake, Huntington Lake and Joes Valley Reservoir.

  • Hiking: I haven't done any specific hikes in the area and to be honest I'm not real sure what there is but I have done my own exploring and I've really enjoyed getting back up in to these woods. They are beautiful.

  • Snowmobile/Fourwheeling: My uncle owns some toys and has taken us to play up the canyon. It's been a blast every time. Once again, the scenery is perfect and the great thing is it isn't too packed with other people (actually in the winter there are a fair amount of sleds running around the area).

  • Paintballing: This is just something that the family has taken up recently. Fairview is a great place to run around and hunt each other down.