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This was a family vacation in June of 2004. We did a lot of different things and so I broke it down below.

Sky Venture

This is a sky-diving simulation. Essentailly you suit up in your gear and walk out over a huge wind tunnel and lay out flat so the wind catches you and pushes against your body which causes you to float. It's an awesome experience and it really does a pretty good job of simulating the real thing


No one in the family had ever surfed and so we payed an instructor to give us a few lessons. As a whole we picked it up pretty quickly but the beach we were at didn't have any waves over about 3 feet which caused a little bit of problems. To our credit the instructor said usually he spends the first day just trying to teach people to balance so that's why he chose a beach with very small waves but our family had no problem with that and we were ready to move on to actual surfing. Oh well, maybe next time.

Scuba Diving

We took a boat out 11 miles off the west coast of Florida and dropped down about 60 feet to see what was there. Our dive masters showed us around a bit and helped up run into a 2,000,000 lb Gruper, or at least it seemed that big (probably the size of a VW Bug). We also came across a couple of baracuda and some other random fish. The dive was great but those who waited on the boat got completely sea sick so we had to scrap the second dive and head back to land.

Sea World

Of all the theme parks we went to I was most pleased with this one. I really enjoyed seeing the dolphin show and the Shamu show. I had fun feeding the montarays and sting rays and I liked going through the shark tunnel. They even had the best roller coaster of the trip there. I think it what made it more enjoyable to me was being able to show my niece and nephew all the cool things and see them get excited. This was a great place to spend a day.

Disney World

Now I don't know if we just went to the wrong park but I was so disappointed with this place. We spend too long in line purchasing our tickets and when we got in there wasn't a decent ride in the place. We tried to stick it out and wait for the character parade so the kids could see Mickey and all but it was too darn hot and all the grown ups got real fed up with the place. This was really the only mistake of the whole trip. (As a side note, you have to understand that my family is a very "do" type of family and so waiting in lines and just looking at things isn't high on our fun list and it seems like that is what Disney World was all about).

Everything Else

During our vacation we also took a trail ride on horses through some of the Florida back country. During this ride the heavens opened and it rained like I've never seen rain before. We were all soaked in a matter of seconds.

Another fun thing to mention is the dinner we had at Fish Bones. I highly recommend the crab and also the pork chops.

Lastly we sat through some crappy pirate dinner show. It was pretty lame and what made it worse was that since we weren't drinking alcohol it seemed as though we were last on the waitresses priority list. Not really a fun night, guess this could be mistake number two.