Morning Glory Arch

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Morning Glory Arch: This was an incredible trip that part of the family took through the Moab backcountry. We made the reservations through the Moab Adventure Center, and although the price was a little high, it was worth every penny.

Overview: The Moab Adventure Center describes the trip like this; "Starting amongst ancient petrified sand dunes we hike our way downhill to a dry sand and rock wash. Quickly the wash disappears over an edge, plunging into the depths of a hidden chasm. “We go down there?!” is the usual question after peering over the edge, and indeed we do! This exquisite rappel is the first obstacle in reaching the entrance to the amazing Grotto. Now, almost totally enclosed in a small stone room, we exit to find our next challenge… an incredible rappel into an alluring green canyon below via an enormous natural stone bridge! Detailed rappelling instruction and a back-up safety system allows even the first-time canyoneer a chance to experience this exciting activity. Insights into the geology, plant life and natural history provide a depth to your adventure. A cool spring-fed stream accompanies us for the rest of this outstanding and informational hike."

The Actual Experience: We hiked for about half an hour to get to our first repel, a 90ft drop into a sandstone cavern. It's a pretty amazing decent. Once you reach the bottom you hike on for another 10 minutes or so as the thoughts go through your head that few people ever really get a chance to see this place. The magnificent red canyon surrounds you on all sides and virtually hypnotizes you until you reach your second repel, a 150ft drop off of a ten foot wide stone bridge (also known as Morning Glory Arch, the 5th largest arch in the United States). This time you repel without a wall to guide you, dangling from your rope as you descend the 150ft to the canyon floor. What an amazing experience. From here we refilled all our canteens from the fresh mountain spring and started our 2mile hike out of the canyon. The scenery was spectacular, the repels were awesome and our guide was excellent. Overall, this is a trip well worth the time and money.