Nutty Putty Cave

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Nutty Putty Cave is a geothermal cave located in the desert west of Utah Lake. The cave is an excellent adventure for people of all ages. My brothers and Dad have all made the trip and they all enjoyed the exploration. You'll need a good flashlight (head lamp would be recommended) and a pair of clothes you won't mind getting dirty since you'll be crawling around on all fours. Overall the cave is worth a visit.

Here's some detailed info on Nutty Putty Cave:

Nutty Putty Cave is located approximately 22 miles west-southwest of Provo, Utah, on the west side of Utah Lake. It is on land which is managed by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA), and which is open to the public year-round.

Exploring the cave can be easy and laid-back, or strenuous and exciting, depending on how adventurous you are. Either way, you should go well prepared for any eventuality--the links to the left should help you prepare, but nothing is a substitute for independent thinking and common sense.

This cave is very popular with people throughout the state, and can be very busy at times (especially weekends and holidays). Entrance to the cave and surrounding lands is unregulated, so anyone may come or go at any time of the day or night. For a more enjoyable experience, I recommend that you explore the cave on a weekday or during the winter months when visitation is less frequent. There are many opportunities for camping, off-roading, and other outdoor activities in the vicinity of the cave.