Little Sahara Sand Dunes

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Little Sahara Sand Dunes are located a bit North of Delta Utah. These sand dunes offer excellent riding for ATV users of all skill levels. Sand Mountain is probably the most popular attraction. This mountain is 700ft high and offers a superb challenge for rider and machine. Other areas, sucn as white sands, provide great dune riding and adequate trails for those not interested in the sand.

Here's The Specific Info

Little Sahara Recreation Area commonly known as Jericho Sand Dunes, is sandy reminder of Lake Bonneville. A plentiful sand source and strong prevailing winds have combined to create Little Sahara, one of the largest dunes fields found in Utah. Most of the sand at Little Sahara is the result of deposits left by the Sevier River, which once flowed into ancient Lake Bonneville some 15,000 years ago. After the lake receded, the southwesterly winds that flow across the Sevier Desert picked up the exposed sand. Sand Mountain, in the middle of the dune field, deflected the wind upward, causing it to slow and drop its load of sand. Sand particles, composed mostly of quartz, fell downwind among the sage brush and juniper around Sand Mountain, ultimately creating a 124-square-mile system of giant, free-moving, sand dunes.

Jericho offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Of course the most popular is riding ATV's. Jericho also offers fenced in sand boxes for the kids. Hiking and wildlife viewing are also available in the Rockwell Natural Area. This area is set aside as a vehicle-free zone, this 9,000-acre unit is a miniature version of the larger surrounding desert ecosystem. Mule deer and antelope, 15 species of birds, the Desert whipsnake, and 8 other species of reptiles live here.

For ATVer's Jericho is not just one type of riding. With nearly 60,000 acres of dunes, trails and sagebrush flats, you've got options - plenty of them.

White Sands Dunes: Easy access to dunes and plentiful riding bowls attract all abilities to this spot on the north end of the recreation area.

Sand Mountain: A wall of sand climbing nearly 700 feet high provides the ultimate challenge to rider and machine. This is the prime-time focal point for hill climbing.

Dunes southwest of Black Mountain: Low-lying dunes provide good terrain for beginners or for those who just want to get away from the crowds.

Black Mountain: A network of dirt trails up, over, and around this peak offer excellent trail riding for just about any kind of off highway vehicle.